Stepper motor cable 1m – 4 wire 6 pin


One meter long 4-Wire Stepper Motor Cable with 4-Pin and 6-Pin Female headers – For connecting stepper motors to drivers and Shields.

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Our 4-Wire 6-Pin Stepper Motor Cables are the convenient solution for connecting Stepper Motors with stepper motor drivers or Arduino Shields like the RAMPS 1.4. While it is possible to manually connect stepper motors with simple wiring, we stock these cables because they are both a more convenient and a safer means of making these connections.

Our stepper motor cables come in lengths of 1 meter, but can be shortened if necessary by simply cutting the wires and reinstalling them in the same wire-pin-configuration. One on end of the cable is a Female 4-pin header, while on the other side is a Female 6-pin header. Both of these headers use the same 4-wires, however, but are simply configured differently for safety purposes – so that you can’t plug two stepper motor drivers into each other and cause an explosion.

As a final important note to remember, the wires are designed to connect differently on each side, and you will see that the colour-coding is different on each head. This is intentional, and should be noted when installing the cable to ensure correct and safe practices.