Raspberry Pi Zero W


The Raspberry Pi Zero W is a new iteration of Raspberry Pi single board computers, and comes packed with all of the functionality of the original Raspberry, but with added onboard WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. This means you don’t have to get WiFi or Bluetooth HATs or modules, and can instead jump straight into the wireless communications action without needing any additional components.

Just like the Raspberry Pi Zero, this board includes a microSD card slot, a Mini-HDMI 1080p video and audio output, a micro USB data port, a micro USB 5V power input, a CSI camera connector, an RCA composite video output, as well as the Broadcom BCM2835 SoC that runs at up to 1GHz Dual Core VideoCore IV GPU with 512MB onboard RAM. These features make it a powerhouse of a board, packed into the tiny form factor of 65 x 30mm – with onboard WiFi and Bluetooth now added in to make the deal even sweeter.

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