Dark Gradient CCTREE 1.75mm 1kg PLA


It’s time to print in multi-colour (without a dual extruder) with CCTREE Rainbow Gradient PLA – Amazing colours with standard PLA Settings!

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Although there have been many times in our years of 3D Printing that we found unique and Exotic 3D Filaments and really wanted to try them out, none have been so sought after than Rainbow Gradient PLA. This is why we’re so excited to let you know that CCTREE, one of our favourite 3D Filament manufacturers, are now supplying Rainbow Gradient PLA, allowing Makers like yourself to finally print in multi-colour – but without the extra costs and hassles of a second extruder head!

These spools of fantastic CCTREE Rainbow Gradient PLA are extruded in a range of randomised dark colours, with a lot of striking colours that include Moss Green, Sienna, Magenta, Ocean Blue and Dark Browns, all of which mix very well to create striking tones and hues that are perfect for attention-grabbing prints. And while this dark gradient may not produce prints that are as aesthetically soft and pleasing as the CCTREE Light Gradient PLA, we have thoroughly enjoyed printing striking designs with sharp angles, which has been especially impressive for Cosplay Gear and centre-piece decorations that are hard to ignore.

Finally, if you think that these spools of CCTREE Rainbow Gradient PLA are daunting at first glance, rest assured that you can simply use the same basic PLA Filament settings that you know and love, and you won’t need to “Dial in” this filament if you’re already comfortable with printing in PLA.

Note: The images above demonstrate the random colours that you can expect. However, we can’t specify the exact colours you will receive, as they are randomised for each spool.



– Rainbow: Dark Colours

Special Characteristics
– Gradient

Filament Diameter
– 1.75mm

Diameter Tolerance
– ±0.05mm

Recommended Print Temperature (°C)
– 190 to 220

Recommended Bed Temperature (°C)
– No Heat / 50 to 70

Spool Size (OD x W)
– 200 x 68mm

Spool Hub Diameter
– 55mm

Filament Net Weight
– 1kg

Packaged Weight
– 1.5kg

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg