Creality Extruder Body


The Creality CR-10 Series Extruder Body is a standard Bowden-style filament extruder based on the MK8 design, and is a Creality Original Spare, meaning that it came directly from Creality themselves. This ensures that it is perfectly compatible with the entire CR-10 Series of 3D Printers, and can be swapped out if necessary within seconds – ensuring little to no downtime in the event that yours wears down or breaks.


This Extruder Body also comes with a few of the necessary components like the idler gear, Bowden connector and bushing, which all work in unison with the chassis or body to push filament through the Bowden connector and down the Teflon Tubing towards the Creality CR-10 Hotend Assembly. It also has space for the filament runout sensor, which detects when the filament from the spool has run out, and then stops the printer from continuing until the filament has been replenished.

The extruder body features an easy-grip lever that loosens the tension on the filament when squeezed, while otherwise keeping the filament firmly in place between the idler and drive gears. This allows for quick and easy 3D Printer Filament replacement without having to loosen any screws or take any components apart. Fortunately, Creality is a brand that considers the end-users before anyone else, which means this part is relatively inexpensive to replace, so if you are having trouble with your Creality CR-10 extruder, this Creality Original Spare is the perfect option to keep your 3D Printing adventures in full swing with little to no downtime.

Extruder Body
– Two Pieces (Main Body + Tension Lever)

Extruder Idler Gear
– Standard Idler Gear

Bowden Connector
– Included

– Included