0.4mm MK8 Hardened Steel Nozzle


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As Makers who love to 3D Print in as many different materials and polymers as we can, we make it our mission to try and always have stock of fantastic items like these 0.4mm MK8 Hardened Steel Nozzles, which are made to fit the Creality CR-10, CR-20 and Ender Series of 3D Printers, and are ideally suited to highly-abrasive 3D Filaments.

While many 3D Printers are typically equipped with brass nozzles due to the low cost, high resistance and high thermal conductivity compared to many other materials, bronze is unfortunately not the ideal material to use for 3D Printing. However, it certainly does an excellent job for any standard PLA, ABS or other polymers, but if you want to move into more advanced and unique Exotic Filaments like Metal Fill polymers, Carbon Fiber or even Glow in the Dark, you will definitely need a more rugged nozzle to handle the abrasive materials well without causing problems halfway through a print.

This is why we always make a strong effort to find nozzles like these hardened steel nozzles, as well as a range of other E3D and MK8 Nozzles that include various material compositions and platings too. This way, our favourite customers (yes, that’s you) can enjoy 3D Printing in whatever desktop material you wish – and without having to pay excessive amounts for “specialised” open-source nozzles.

Base Material
– Hardened Steel

Plating Material
– None

Filament Compatibility
– 1.75mm

Output Diameter
– 0.4mm

Thread Diameter
– M6

Hotend Compatibility
– Creality 24V Hotend / Creality 12V Hotend

– 13mm Length | 7mm Diameter