0.4mm Micro Swiss MK8 Plated Brass Nozzle



Within the world of 3D Printing, although there is always exciting news about new polymers and developments of major components, very few people actually consider “minor components” like the nozzle – the unsung hero that is the final point of contact of extrusion. Fortunately though, even if news about these types of “minor components” is few and far between, there are still companies like Micro Swiss dedicated to refining and improving this aspect of 3D Printer Components, and they have actually garnered an impressive reputation for providing some of the highest quality 3D printer nozzles in the world.

The 0.4mm Micro Swiss MK8 Plated Brass Nozzle is a specially designed nozzle for the Creality CR-10S Pro, which utilises the unique threading of M6x0.75 to perfectly fit stock CR-10S Pro 3D Printers, and perfectly accommodates their new Micro Swiss CR-10S Pro Hotend Assembly as well. This is a perfect example of how Micro Swiss are advancing the world of nozzles for 3D printers, and the refined design focuses on two core features:

Firstly, these nozzles, despite using simple brass as a base material, are plated for extra durability even when printing some of the toughest materials and Exotic Filaments like carbon fiber. This greatly extends the lifespan of the nozzle, and also helps to reduce failed prints and wasted time and money, while also saving money on the plethora of brass nozzles that would typically be required to match the lifespan that these plated nozzles offer.

Secondly, the plating applied to these Micro Swiss nozzles is not just for durability, but has also been specially created to offer an ultra-low friction coefficient – resulting in better print quality as well as substantially fewer problems like clogging and blobbing. And because these nozzles are composed mostly of brass, the plating doesn’t do much in terms of changing the time they take to heat up – which is a typical drawback of nozzles made from materials like stainless steel.

Note: This is a Micro Swiss Original MK8 Nozzle, supplied directly by the industry leaders in nozzle R&D and Production. This ensures premium quality and lasting durability, even when dealing with high-corrosion filaments like Carbon Fiber and MetalFill.

– Micro Swiss

Base Material
– Brass 360

Plating Material
– “TwinClad XT” Nickel Composite

Filament Compatibility
– 1.75mm

Output Diameter
– 0.4mm

Thread Diameter
– M6x0.75 (Creality CR-10S Pro Specific)

Hotend Compatibility
– Creality CR-10S Pro Hotend / Micro Swiss CR-10S Pro Hotend